Shopping & Shipping Information


Sign Prices

The majority of our miniature signs are $4.80. There are exceptions as our Specialty signs and the CuteZ sign series have different cost structures.

The CuteZ Signs

The price for the CuteZ signs are $5.00 each.   Gallery link

Specialty Signs

The customized Interstate & Highway signs are $5.00 each. The R.R. Cross sign is also $5.00. The Mid-size 'Slow Children Playing' sign is $9.00 due to its larger size. Finally, The two Round Reflective* signs are $13.00 each.  Gallery link

Shipping Costs

Shipping of signs is through the US Post Office. Shipping costs will be added to your orders as follows for the $4.80 - $5.00 signs*:

  • $  3.00   for the first sign
  • $  5.50   for 2 or more up to a quantity of 13 signs
  • $10.80   for signs 13 through 100
  • $20.00   for signs quanities greater than 100 signs (but not more than 200)!

NOTE: Shipping Rates are for Domestic USA only. Conact us for International shipping and purchases.

*Shipping costs for the Round Reflective Signs are $5.00 each due to their larger size and weight.

Contact me if your have any questions about my policies. Email: